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  • Jim Stempel is the author of seven books whose genres include satire, psychology, spirituality, and historical nonfiction. Read more >>>

American Hannibal



    "American Hannibal is a great introduction for readers seeking basic knowledge of the war and its personalities. Readable and engaging, this book will appeal primarily to those with an interest in military history and would be an excellent transition for those who enjoy historical fiction but wish to venture into reading nonfiction accounts. Stempel's defense of the battle's importance is certainly on point, and new students of the Revolution will likely learn a great deal from this book." -- The Journal of the American Revolution

    "It takes an excellent writer to craft a book on military history. One of the most difficult genres to write well, it also requires a writer with in-depth knowledge of his subject combined with an artist's palette to paint the kaleidoscope of battle. In American Hannibal, Jim Stempel wields the pen and paint brush to craft yet another book which I would argue is his best work to date. "-- J. F. Holden-Rhodes, author of Smart and Faithful Force: Henry Cochrane and the United States Marine Corps, 1861-1905

Windmill Point


    Reviews for Windmill Point

    “The grit, tragedy and bold strategy of the American Civil War play out in Jim Stempel’s Windmill Point. Am I glad I read it? You bet. The writing is vivid and meticulous..Highly recommended.” Editor’s Choice Review, The Historical Novel Society.

    “Jim Stempel’s Windmill Point is a masterful exhibition of all the elements of war crafted into a story that is truly spell-binding.” James Holden-Rhodes, Midwest Book Review.

    “If a work of fiction can make something that actually happened seem a little more real, then the author had done well.” Mark Barnes, War History online.